Frequently Asked Questions

Art class online? How does it work?

You can take the lessons two ways. You can work through the lessons on your own, or you can receive feedback from me as well. You will given links of the lesson objectives and activities. If you have chosen to receive feedback, you will email photos of your progress and questions. I'll will provide feedback within 3 days.

I'm not convinced.

Online art is being taught at many universities now, like Penn State, where I teach online art for academic credit. Students are able to do amazing things through online courses.

How much does it cost?

Multimedia and Portrait Sculpture cost $5 for the lessons and no feedback, an additonal $70 tuition for the lessons with as much of my feedback as you require.

Forensic Reconsrtuction is 14 lessons for $25. An additonal $100 provides you with unlimited suggestions and critique from the instructor at your request. Many individual lessons are available for $15 including feedback. Tuition does not include supples. After I receive the payment from Paypal, I will send you a link to the lessons. It's usually within a couple hours during the day (East Coast US time).

Introduction to Digital Modeling is free.

What supplies will I need?

Supply lists are included in the downloadable syllabi. Multi Media. Portrait Sculpture. Forensic Reconstruction.

I don't have a studio. Can I do this at home?

The Multi Media class allows you to work in the materials of your choice for many of the lessons. It has an adaptable design: the course can be completed in a dorm room with office and craft supplies or a garage with messier materials.
The Forensic Sculpture Class can be done in a living space.
The Portrait Sculpture Class is best in a dedicated place in a kitchen, basement, or garage.

Who is the instructor?

Dr. Blake Ketchum (that's me) wrote the lessons and is the course instructor.

I'm busy and am worried I can't keep up.

Start any time and work at your own pace. If you have chosen the Feedback option, you have as long as you need to complete the material.

Are the classes for credit or certification?

No, but I teach similar courses at an accredited university.

How much work are the classes?

That depends on how detail oriented you are and how serious you get. The Multi Media is about the same as a 3 credit undergraduate class. The Forensic Reconstruction and Portrait Sculpture classes are similar to 2 credit classes.

Are the classes for kids?

For K-5, I recommend the Multi Media lessons with the assistance of an adult. Older students and adults will enjoy all sets of Lessons. Individualized innstruction is tailored to the student's abilities and learning objectives.

I'd like your feedback on my work, but don't want to do the lessons?

Help and critiques can be built into an independent study. Email me a few images of your work and let me know what you have in mind. Often an independent study is a great option.